Seductive Sex Positions : The Definitive Sex Guide for Today's Lovers

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As one of the leading Internet resources for helping individuals with sex and relationships, we have been providing people just like you, people looking for answers to their intimate questions, with a greater understanding of sexual practices and sexual health since 1999.

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In the beginning we started with building online communities that have brought together thousands of people to share tips, techniques, and ideas with other people who are looking to improve their sex life. With the vision of bridging the gap between males and female we have helped people around the world who have gone online looking for sex advice.

We have taken a non-clincal approach to providing sex advice to people who are looking at learning and expanding their knowledge. Through the use of feedback from our viewership, we have developed tips and techniques that have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of people. Through this we have produced information that is not only useful, but presented in a professional manner.

Why We Do It
Sex Essentials Videos prides itself in providing adults with a medium to learn how to be better lovers. Through our sex education videos and online memberships we hope that we can help people in their quest to improve both their sex life and their relationship.

Understanding that there are major differences in how males and females perceive certain issues, we recognized the opportunities to help males and females understand their partners. By working to increase communication and understanding between the genders, we hope to build better relationships and help improve people's sex lives.


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“For the man who wants to be amazing in bed, recommends Seductive Sex Positions.

Hosted by Natasha Ray and Crystal Lowe, this video will teach you more than 27 different seductive positions, as well as some surprising --and some taboo -- sexual secrets. The lessons of Seductive Sex Positions will bring you and your lover to the heights of bliss.”

No Other Product on the Market Compares
“This video is not only a high quality production, it
seems to be a project that they took pains to make
accessible to couples-as in both men and women.”
- Seri M.

Tasteful, professionally-filmed and content-rich
“My girlfriend and I are very satisfied from this DVD.
The couples are good looking and there isn't any
hardcore action. This is truly an
instructional/educational movie.”
- Albert M. (Toronto, ON)

Great DVD. Great Quality. Great Purchase
“It is filmed in such a way that allows you to watch it
alone or with your partner and unlike other
instructional DVDs, it adds two extra playback
features which in my mind make the DVD worth the
money: Lovemaking Mode and Random Mode.”
- Greg L.

A Perfect Surprise for Your Partner
"The foreplay scenes are stimulating for both males
and females, there are some new positions that I
seen as well as some challenging ones. Best of all
the love making mode and random mode are great for

I do own some sex position books but a video just
shows you how to do it the way its supposed to be
- Kris M.

Format: DVD
Runtime: Approx. 60 Minutes

NTSC Region 0 (All Regions)

Aspect Ratio:
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen

Format: Color, Digital Sound, Dolby

Languages: English
Subtitled: English
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